Woke up, saw the tweets re: 2.1, which I thought was worth getting up to upgrade the phones… updates I really care about in bold.

Update includes:

* Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls
* Significantly better battery life for most users
* Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
* Improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
* Faster installation of 3rd party applications
* Fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes for users with lots of third party applications

* Improved performance in text messaging
* Faster loading and searching of contacts
* Improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
* Repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages
* Option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts
* Genius playlist creation

[From Apple – iPhone – Software Update]


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  1. Games Car December 5, 2008 at 8:46 pm #

    What Kinda of Car do you drive?

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