R by 45rpm Jomon’s

Yes, I’m already thinking about what my next project denim would be… Right now I’m really digging some R by 45rpm slim stuff… I am very curious how their Jomon fits, these make my Dior Homme dirt cheap in comparison, diam… Hopefully I won’t have to pay sales tax on these when I buy them…

The Sorahiko slim, available in both raw or one wash, are much less expensive, maybe I’ll go “cheap” and get those instead… well, it will be at least 6 months from now til I get another pair so I got time to decide… 🙂

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  1. kazehiko March 8, 2007 at 3:53 pm #

    hey, how do u like your new jomon? does the color runoff easily?


  1. ayn blog » R by 45rpm Jomons - January 29, 2007

    […] So my 45rpm Jomons finally got here from Japan! Yes, it seems crazy that I picked up yet another pair of denim, but I actually ordered these before the other stuff… I’ve blogged before that I was considering getting the Jomons when I’m done with the Diors 19cm’s. Pretty much I was lusting after a pair of natural indigo jeans, so I narrowed down my choices to the Pure Blue (PBJ) AI-001’s, the Jomons, the Oni purple selvage, and other stuff like the Sugarcane natural indigo stuff… I decided to go with the Jomons mainly because on the fit; they are slimmer than the rest of the stuff, plus I was very curious about the 45rpm brand, I must admit. I asked Sherry to check them out for me at 45rpm store in Taipei, only to find out that they did not carry them at all in Taiwan as they were too “high-end” (yeah man, WTF?!). Also NOBODY, at least none that I know of, around SF got a pair for me to look at either. So I decided to just go ahead and order a pair from 2000dB, a member on SuperFuture who is in Japan now, and he can help us cop shit there and ship them over here for a small fee. These jeans are quite a bit cheaper in Japan than at their NYC stores, I would definitely recommend getting them through 2000dB instead of ordering them from their U.S. website. If you live in NYC then it’s different story, coz you’d be able to try them on and stuff, which is probably worth the extra money. I also heard 45rpm fixes their jeans for you for life, I’m not so sure about that though. […]

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