Xanga should have private feeds…

Some of my friends are got Xanga blogs and I can’t do anything about it, I guess they got used to it and don’t wanna bother switching to something better, or maybe they dig the community features in there. But to me Xanga is lame, seriously lame… Anyway, they have RSS feeds for blogs, but for people who want a little privacy they can turn RSS feeds off. This is just dumb, to me, and I am probably not alone here, if a website doesn’t have feeds I just won’t visit, I seriously don’t have time to go to individual websites daily. So instead of having feeds on or off, Xanga should have private feeds, like Netflix and all the other sites out there, pretty much all it does is to map a URL that contains some unique key/hash/string to the actual feed, and add the ability to reset the URL… but of course Xanga is probably too dumb or won’t care enough to implement something like that… *sigh*…

btw, Sixapart launched Vox today, it seems pretty cool, and it’s def a better option than Xanga for the peeps who don’t wanna bother getting a domain or setting up a real blog with WordPress or Movable Type.

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