SGTL posts Q1 loss of $24.7m

Looks like Apple is not replacing PortaPlayer’s chips with SigmaTel’s in the Nanos afterall… So best guess is either Samsung or Broadcom. Samsung, they can offer a sweet bundle deal with their NAND flash. Broadcom already has a video codec chip in the video pods, and if they’re in the Nanos, we’ll be closer to pods with WiFi capabilities. Directly streaming from pods to Airport Express would definitely be cool.

SigmaTel slumps 19% after swinging to a loss – MarketWatch

SigmaTel Inc. shares plummeted as much as 19% Wednesday amid concerns about the outlook for the audio chipmaker after it swung to a first-quarter loss and gave a second-quarter forecast that was worse that analysts’ estimates.

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  1. seoulfully April 26, 2006 at 4:52 pm #

    engadget reports that it’s sammy chips in the next nanos

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