IEEE Spectrum: Unsafe At Any Airspeed?

IEEE Spectrum: Unsafe At Any Airspeed?

Well, I usually enjoy reading about research done by CMU people, but I didn’t like Dan Stancil when I was there. His wireless communications class was a complete joke! Almost everyone scored 99% in the first 3 tests coz we just like plugged in numbers into the equations. I think I got a C in my mid-term report because I screwed up on one question and only got a 98%. I told him that was pretty screwed up because it didn’t test how much we actually knew but just how careful we were plugging in numbers, he didn’t give a shit. He also decided that to have a nice grades distribution he needed to make the final f’king impossible (unless your dissertation was on wireless communication or antenna design, and I was not one of them), that was a totally screwed up class, completely worthless. That was definitely the worst class I took at CMU by far.

That said, he’s probably a great researcher and he probably publishes great work, having all degrees from MIT or something like that…

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