Canon’s first P&S with WiFi

Canon just announced their first point-and-shoot with WiFi (their D-SLRs already have a WiFi adaptor, it’s not cheap, but if you really need WiFi it’s there)…

It’s .b, so would take quite some time if someone is dumb enough to transfer an entire 1GB SD card worth of pictures… But WiFi is interesting… I hope it has an easy firmware updater on the camera like my PSP, that would be very useful. 🙂

Canon PowerShot SD430 Wireless: Digital Photography Review

I’m looking for a P&S that I can carry around everywhere I go, excellent noise control in high ISO conditions is my first priority. Right now I’m looking at the Fuji F11, and the Sony DSC-N1, probably get one after this holiday season… I’ll wait for my friend Ming‘s reviews to make up my mind… He pre-ordered the N1 and I’m sure he can get his hands on an F11 for testing… He owns the F10 now and he got great pics from it…

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