UE super.fi 5Pro

Went to UE’s site to check out the super.fi 5Pro cans again… I must admit these accessories look very nice, Sensaphonics needs to hire a better photographer and Photoshop guru…

This reminds me, I should take some better pics of my 2X-S and post them…

These pics were pretty impressive though, I must say. Maybe I’ll wait til I pick up the new EF-S 60/2.8

Back to the super.fi 5Pro, I’ve heard rumors that it’s basically a UE-5c with a universal fit (vs custom mold)… My friend Steve (aka lindrone) has the UE-5c, the UE-10 Pro, and Sensaphonics 2X-S (he likes the Sensa’s the best of course heh), he said the UE-5c’s sound worse than the new Shure E4c, so if that’s the case, the super.fi 5Pro should sound even worse without the custom mold isolation… I can see a flame war starting at HeadFi all over again like the 10Pro vs Sensa debate… “My super.fi got TWO drivers and your E4’s only got one! Therefore it must sound better”… Hmm… maybe it will even have a flat curve!! LOL!

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