The San Francisco Marathon 2014


I’ve always wanted to run the SF Marathon, so when we decided to move back I signed up for it right away. They had a 3:00 pace group, so I started the race with them. We were clocking 6:40 miles and had more than 30 seconds to spare after the downhill sections after coming back from the Golden Gate Bridge. A friend from my running group joined me in Golden Gate Park and paced me for a couple of miles, it was awesome and resulted in a pretty fast mile 18. I started to fade at mile 19, at around mile 20 the 3:05 pacers passed me. I think sub 3 at TSFM was a bit aggressive especially with inadequate hills training. Since I already got my BQ, I just took it easy on the downhills in the last 10k. I was mindful with my quads and didn’t want them to cramp up. I also didn’t want more black toenails. I ran high-7 and low-8 min-miles only and it was a pretty comfortable stroll to the finish line. I finished with a 3:11:00, which I’m pretty happy with.

Detailed results

Time 3:11:00
Overall Pace 7:11
Overall Place 138 out of 6580
Gender Place 132 out of 4287
Age Group (M35–39) Place 15 out of 648






I have a decent collection of running shoes:

  • Saucony Peregrine 4 for trails, really love these, I got about 142 miles in them
  • Adidas Energy Boost 2.0, ran Grandma’s with these, racked up about 240 miles in them, mostly longer runs
  • Newton Distance S III, ran SFM with these, was curious about the brand, decent shoes, only have about 128 miles on them so far
  • Altra One2, just got them, very light weight, zero drop, the sizes run a bit small so maybe get a half size bigger than usual

Other gears

  • RooSport pouch, I picked up one of these at the Grandma’s expo. I used to run with running belts and switched to this. The RooSport doesn’t bounce at all, and it holds my phone and a few Gu packets. I’ve done many long runs and ran SFM with it, no chaffing at all
  • Feetures socks, only socks I run with now, super comfy, no chaffing or blisters after over 1k miles in them. They’re also available for cheap at Nordstrom Rack
  • Meelectronic M6P cans, cheap $25 cans with volume slider and button, solid inexpensive running cans
  • I picked up an Elevation Training Mask, will start training with it on


I picked up a pair of SKINS RY400 recovery compression tights before Grandma’s. I put them on shortly after the race and had them on 24/7 for 3 days. They helped a lot. I now sleep in them after harder workouts. If you want to recover quickly, I highly recommend them. I hydrate with Nuun tablets after workouts, the flavors are tasty and sugar-free. I take Gu Recovery Brew after long runs, and after races I drink Hammer Recoverite.

I just got a Roll Recovery R8 massager, it’s pricey but works really well. I use it in addition to my Tiger Tail and Grid foam rollers (yes I have 2, the original 13″ one and the 5″ one for travel).


I will attempt sub 3 again at CIM. Maybe one of the Tahoe marathons too, but should probably just focus on CIM. I’ll do Boston 2015 and probably the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge, that’s to run Big Sur, a pretty hilly and difficult course, 6 days after Boston. I already signed up for TSFM 2015, I should be much better prepared for it next year.

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2014 Grandma’s Marathon, BQ

Grandma’s Marathon

I run about 40 miles per week since I moved back to SF. Every Thursday I run with ARM SF, a local running store in Presidio Heights. They have Thursday 7pm and Sunday 9am group runs. I also started hitting trails and hills more, but I’m still really bad at hills.

I signed up for Grandma’s shortly after moving back to the states, my parents live in the Twin Cities and my aunt lives in Duluth/Superior, so logistically it’s super simple to run this race. It’s also one of the best races to BQ. I had June 21st on my calendar, but didn’t really put together a day-by-day training schedule like I did with my marathons last year. I knew my base was decent, and I just needed more speeds. I loosely followed the “Coach” training schedule in the Nike+ iOS app last 5 weeks before the race.

My dream goal was to go sub 3, but the fastest pace group they had was 3:05. I figured sub-3:05 (BQ+5) should be enough room to get into Boston, so I ran with the 3:05 pacer. I pretty much ran in front of the group until around the 20-mile mark, I started to fade when I hit Lemon Drop Hill, at which point the pacer passed me and I chased him til the finish line. It was fun to hear the foot steps of the entire pace group behind me almost the entire race. I finished with a chip time of 3:04:49, which qualified me for Boston.

Detailed results

Time 3:04:49
Avg Pace 7:04
Overall Place 407 out of 6212
Gender Place 346 out of 3494
Age Group (M35–39) Place 47 out of 463




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A Candid Look at Unreads First Year – @jaredsinclair

@jaredsinclair shared his sales figures of Unread’s first year in the App Store. Sad news for the paid-up-front model.

  • The paid-up-front app market is smaller than it may appear.
  • Coverage from influential bloggers can drive more sales than an App Store feature.
  • Paid-up-front business models don’t generate sustainable revenues.
  • If you want to make “real money” from a paid-up-front app, your launch week has to be be a box-office smash.
  • Don’t launch your paid-up-front app at a reduced price. Demand for your app will likely never be higher again. Price it accordingly.
  • Sustainable revenue must come from other sources than the original app purchase, either from consumable in-app purchases, or from recurring subscriptions.

via Jared Sinclair | Blog | A Candid Look at Unreads First Year.


SF 20-miler

Since we moved from Lower Pac Heights to South Park, Golden Gate Park isn’t as close, but I try to get there on my longer runs. I usually run there via The Wiggle, and then on the trails next to MLK, out to run on Ocean Beach, through Lands End trails to Sea Cliff, then on Baker Beach, up the sand ladder, to Golden Gate Bridge, then my usual Fort Point, Crissy Field, Fort Mason, Fisherman’s Wharf, Embarcadero, back to SoMa.

A few snapshots during yesterday’s run:

Sunday run: Lands End

Sunday run: Baker Beach

Sunday run: Baker Beach (sand ladder)

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Golden Gate Park loops

Running on Great Highway and in Golden Gate Park at night can get pretty dark, so picked up a headlamp from Sports Basement for this double ggpark loop.

I’ll probably avoid the park at night in the future though, it closes at 10pm anyway.

The Four Freedoms

The Four Freedoms

I believe that software, and in fact entire companies, should be run in a way that assumes that the sum of the talent of people outside your walls is greater than the sum of the few you have inside. None of us are as smart as all of us. Given the right environment — one that leverages the marginal cost of distributing software and ideas — independent actors can work toward something that benefits them, while also increasing the capability of the entire community.